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2 Digital Tools to Keep Your Funeral Home Organized

2 Digital Tools to Keep Your Funeral Home Organized

2 Digital Tools to Keep Your Funeral Home Organized

Technology changes every day, but it doesn't have to be overwhelming. Some of the newest tools can be very user-friendly and offer tutorials to help you learn them.
*See bottom of article for some quick definitions if you aren't familiar with digital tools.

This month, we decided to share some basic tools that could significantly improve collaboration efforts while also allowing you to be more productive and environmentally friendly.

Mobile Applications or Online Tools:

  1. Wunderlist: What a wonderful list! Wunderlist is an app you can use on a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile device. You can create several different lists with specific tasks such as a "To-Do" list, a shopping list, or subtasks with the ability to add reminders, due dates, notes, and attachments. The best part of this tool is that you can collaborate with coworkers or assign tasks to certain people, which makes the Wunderlist app especially useful for a funeral home team that has to work together.

  2. Trello: This is an app that is similar to Wunderlist, but it allows you to create lists as a side-by-side visual reference. Most people create three basic lists "To-Do," "Doing," and "Done." Available on the web or as a mobile app, you can create "task cards" underneath lists and simply drag and drop each card onto the relevant list.

To customize this tool even more, you can have a "board" for specific elements of your business such as "Marketing," "Building Maintenance," and more. Maybe you need a checklist for OSHA standards with reminders, so it doesn't get left to the last minute.

This tool also has the ability to assign tasks to specific people, set up reminders, and indicate due dates. It isn't as user-friendly on a mobile device as Wunderlist, but it certainly has endless options for you to create a fine-tuned list of tasks.

In summary, sometimes the traditional pen and paper can be easier than digital devices, but there are many benefits to using technology. With these tools, you can view and update the to-do lists wherever you are, re-use them, and collaborate with others in an efficient and paperless manner.

Not familiar with these phrases?

"Save it to the Cloud."

"I shared it digitally."

"Download the app."

Here are some quick definitions to help:

Download - To save a file or software onto a computer or mobile device.

'App' or Application - A downloadable program designed for use on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

The Cloud - A digital storage space on the Internet that allows you to access files from anywhere at any time (such as a computer at home, a phone while at work, or a tablet on an airplane).
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