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Effective Marketing for Cremation Jewelry

Effective Marketing for Cremation Jewelry

When families arrive to your funeral home, they generally have an idea of how they want to memorialize their loved one when it comes to cremains. Most opt for a cremation urn, but others would like to distribute the ashes in other ways.

A popular add-on memorial product offered by many funeral homes is cremation jewelry. Cremation jewelry is an intimate and comforting piece that many people love to wear in remembrance. With so many different styles and personalization options, cremation jewelry has increased in popularity.

But how do you market these items to your families? Here are a few ways we've seen to showcase cremation jewelry within your funeral home:

Display Case or Display Stand

If you have them, use them. Have an old shadow box? Lay it flat on a table and display each pendant in a storage compartment. You can also find display stands like the image to the right at a craft store like Michael's or online for as low as $3.

Even the presentation boxes that sterling silver cremation jewelry is packaged in can be propped open for display purposes.


Have a place to post signs or information? Create a custom sign with your company name showcasing some popular pieces of jewelry. With this approach, you do not have to invest in any jewelry on display. To make it easy for you, Reflections Urns & Memorials has created a simple, downloadable and editable PDF. You can add your funeral home name, print it and post it!

Wear it!

To add a personal touch, wear a cremation jewelry item while working with a family or invite other funeral home staff to do so. During a conversation, you can explain the uniqueness of the pendant you are wearing and how it comforts you to wear it.

For another look at what cremation jewelry options are available, visit the Jewelry category on our website. We are consistently adding new pieces, so be sure to visit in the future.

If you need assistance with printing the custom sign, call your Sales Representative, Genevieve, and she will be happy to help.
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