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Forget-Me-Not Scattering Tube XS
Forget-Me-Not Scattering Tube XS


The Forget Me Not Scattering Tube XS is a respectful way of scattering the cremated remains of a loved one. The design of this recyclable scattering tube features classic Forget Me Not flowers on a black background. The capacity of this mini size urn is 20 cubic inches.

The Forget Me Not Scattering Tube XS is made of paper products. This item may be carried to the scattering site without attracting attention. When ready to scatter, the lid slides off, a perforated tab is pushed, and then the contents can be shaken out gently. If desired, the tube can be recycled after it has been emptied.

Small/Mini Urn
5.25"H x 3" in Diameter
20 Cubic Inches
.2 lbs.
Urn Slides Open/Closed

Forget-Me-Not Scattering Tube XS

A simple way to spread a small amount of cremated remains, the Forget-Me-Not Scattering Tube XS is a small urn with a floral design.
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