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Himalayan Salt Biodegradable Urn
Himalayan Salt Biodegradable Urn


The warm-colored Himalayan Salt Biodegradable Urn glows with natural salt crystals. Made from a solid block of salt, this biodegradable urn is quite strong until placed in the ocean where it will dissolve within a few hours. There is something quite moving about the idea of a loved one’s cremated remains as well as the salt block itself gradually returning to the sea.

The salts that comprise the urn are estimated to be at least 250 million years old. Should families wish to bury the Himalayan Salt Biodegradable Urn in soil, it will biodegrade within approximately three months.

Given its handcrafted nature, this biodegradable salt urn may vary slightly in size, shape, and appearance from the image displayed. A water-soluble bag is included. The cremated remains are placed into the bag and then placed into the urn. The lid may be glued in place, if desired, with non-toxic paper or wood glue

Adult Cremation Urn
9.5" H x 8" in Diameter
202 Cubic Inches
15 lbs.
Natural Salt
Top Lid, Sealable

Himalayan Salt Biodegradable Urn

The Himalayan Rock Salt Biodegradable Urn is a biodegradable urn made of ancient salts.
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