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Patriotic Shimmer Keepsake Urn
Patriotic Shimmer Keepsake Urn


The Patriotic Shimmer Keepsake Urn is notable for its patriotic finish which includes red, dark blue, and some shimmering highlights. Families can remember a loved one who served the United States or was patriotic with this mini urn. This mini urn is a memorable memorial when placed on a nearby table or shelf.

The Patriotic Shimmer Keepsake Urn is made of aluminum, a durable yet lightweight metal. The painted finish is very lively. The lids screws on / off securely with threading.

People choose keepsake urns to share the cremated remains of a loved one among close friends and family members or to keep back a small amount in remembrance. A keepsake urn can be used to transport a small amount of cremated remains to a scattering location.

With its three cubic inch capacity, the Patriotic Shimmer Keepsake Urn is considered mini size or keepsake size.

Keepsake Urn
3" H x 1.75" Diameter
3 Cubic Inches
0.3 Lbs.
Threaded Lid
Engraving Options

Patriotic Shimmer Keepsake Urn

Families can proudly display the Patriotic Shimmer Keepsake Urn to honor a veteran or a patriotic loved one.
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