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Pink Cultured Marble Extra Small Urn
Pink Cultured Marble Extra Small Urn Complete View


A keepsake urn or a child’s urn, the Pink Cultured Marble Extra Small Urn is a soft pink color in a cube shape. The light pink and subtle white swirls of the cultured marble add a soft and feminine touch.

Manufactured by MacKenzie Vault, this cultured marble urn meets the requirements of most U.S. cemeteries for ground burial with no need for an additional urn vault. This feature can result in significant cost savings for families while maintaining the comfort of knowing this product is sturdy and secure over time. Alternatively, this small urn can be kept at home or in a columbarium.

You can personalize the Pink Cultured Marble Urn with direct engraving into the marble. A loved one’s name, birth and death dates, and even artwork can be permanently marked on the marble urn. The engraved areas can be filled with gold, black, or white fill for readability. If direct engraving is not preferred, families can select a brass plate to be engraved and affixed to the urn.

Cultured marble is a man-made product comprised of marble stone dust, polyester resin, and pigments. It is known for its durability and strength—four times the strength of natural stone. Made in USA.

Keepsake urns are used for a variety of different reasons. Many people use keepsake urns to share a loved one’s ashes among family members, and others use a keepsake urn to keep a small amount of ashes after the majority of them have been scattered, buried, or placed in a columbarium. Some people also choose to scatter or keep a small amount in a different place than where the primary urn is displayed.

Extra Small Cremation Urn
4"L x 4"W x 4"H
11 Cubic Inches (3/4 cup)
4 lbs.
Cultured Marble
Threaded Screw, Bottom
Engraving Options
Direct Engraving or Brass Plate

Pink Cultured Marble Extra Small Urn

A keepsake or child urn, the Pink Cultured Marble Extra Small Urn is a small size and a light pink color.
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