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Product Profile: Glass Urns

Posted by on 6/7/2016 to Product News
Product Profile
Hand Blown Glass Urns

Truly a one-of-a-kind piece of art, glass urns are a beautiful choice to have on display in a family's home. Here are some of our most popular glass urns that families love. 

GRA-116Sera Hand Blown Glass Urn 
The Sera Hand Blown Glass Urn is a beautiful cremation urn for ashes, featuring a swirling, dream-like pattern of blues, browns and purples that can only be achieved by a skilled glass-blower. These artisans are trained in the same traditions that go back to medieval Italy and before. This vessel is tall and cylindrical in shape with a ruffled, flared top and marble stopper. 

GJV-600 & GJV-600K

Lumos Gold Hand Blown Glass Urn
The Lumos Gold Hand Blown Glass Urn has a honey gold background and a feathered design shimmering iridescent blue with hints of violet and green. Creating the colors of each urn involves rolling a ball of raw molten glass in pigment glass like you would roll an ice cream cone in sprinkles. Then the glass ball with its sprinkles is super-heated with colors merging. Finally, the ball is blown with human breath and rolled into the urn shape. Upon cooling, the urn's final colors are revealed. The Lumos Hand Blown Glass Urn is a tall vase-shaped urn with a round base and fitted lid. 

GRA-110Cadence Hand Blown Glass Urn
The Cadence Hand Blown Glass Urn features a dazzling pattern of purple and maroon, reminiscent of gem stones or beautiful wild flowers. Black trim on the base, top and lid adds an extra eye-catching element to this regal vessel. This cremation urn for ashes is tall and cylindrical in shape with a flared top and simple flat lid. 

All of our glass urns are made in the USA. Given each glass urn's handcrafted personality, each urn varies in size, shape, and appearance from the image displayed - no two are ever quite alike making it a very special tribute. 

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