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Simplicity Floral Biodegradable Urn
Simplicity Floral Biodegradable Urn


The Simplicity Floral Biodegradable Urn recognizes that minimalism can be both beautiful and meaningful.  The master paper artisans who hand-crafted this urn for ashes created a tall, box-shaped container that has a lovely flower petal and floral motif. This biodegradable urn is produced from paper fibers and the sustainably cultivated bark of the Mulberry tree. When scattering the cremated remains, the sides can be easily opened. This urn may also be buried in the earth where it will completely biodegrade.

As each Simplicity Floral Biodegradable Urn is hand-crafted from natural and sustainable materials, each may vary slightly in size, shape and appearance. A water-soluble bag is included with this biodegradable urn. The cremated remains may be placed into the bag, then into the Simplicity Floral Biodegradable Urn before scattering or burial.

XL Adult Cremation Urn
8.25" L x 10"H x 3.75" D
240 Cubic Inches
.5 lbs.
Lid Slides On/Off

Simplicity Floral Biodegradable Urn

The Simplicity Biodegradable Urn in Floral for ashes demonstrates that sometimes the simplest approach is the most beautiful. This urn is in a tall box-shape with floral design. Made for scattering ashes or burial.
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