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Briton Mahogany Urn for Two
Briton Mahogany Urn for Two with Optional Engraving


The Briton Mahogany Cremation Urn for Two is a double urn -- also known as a companion urn -- that is suitable for a couple who wish to be memorialized together. Mahogany is known for its rich reddish tones and lasting beauty which makes it a handsome choice for a wooden urn.

Crafted by American woodworkers, this urn is in the time-honored box shape with extra care given to bring out the woodgrain and beauty of the mahogany. 

Removing four screws from the base allows access to the inner compartment. The Briton Mahogany Cremation Urn for Two has a capacity of 390 cubic inches and can contain the remains of two people with a combined weight (before cremation) of up to 390 pounds.

Wood urns have a natural warmth and are appropriate for display at home or in a niche and can be used for ground burial as well (although an urn vault may be required).

Direct engraving allows you to create a permanent memorial -- engraving the names and dates of the two people right into the mahogany wood of this urn. A double heart can be engraved between the two names if preferred. Gold fill provides contrast for maximum readability, or no fill offers a natural engraved look. 

Extra Large Urn for Two
9" L x 9” W x 8.25" H
390 Cubic Inches
6.15 lbs.
Wood - Solid Mahogany
Bottom Panel Attached with Screws
Engraving Options
Direct Engraving

Briton Mahogany Urn for Two

Made from solid mahogany, the Briton Mahogany Cremation Urn for Two can hold the cremated remains of a couple.
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