Butterfly Blossom Scattering Tube - Extra Small

Families prefer this scattering urn for its butterfly design and small size.

  • SKU
  • Capacity
    20 Cubic Inches
  • Dimensions
    5.25" High x 3" Diameter
  • Engraving Options
  • Material
    Cardboard & Paper
  • Size
    Extra Small Urn
  • Weight
    .2 Lbs.
  • Opening
    Tube Slides Open

Featuring a gentle butterfly design, the Butterfly Blossom Scattering Tube - Extra Small is a small cremation urn designed to hold a portion of cremated remains and to help with scattering them. Families may find comfort in the calm natural scene of the blue butterfly against a backdrop of white tree blossoms.

The Butterfly Blossom Scattering Tube - Extra Small is a cylindrical urn made of sturdy paper components to hold and transport a small amount of cremated remains. At the desired scattering location, a family member or friend can slide the top lid off. Then he or she will push on the perforated area to create an opening. Then the contents can be shaken gently from the tube over the ground or water according to the person's wishes. When the scattering process is complete, the tube can be recycled. Instructions are provided.

This scattering tube is earth-friendly and contains no metal or plastic components. This small size cremation urn has a capacity of 20 cubic inches (approximately 1 and a half cups).

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Engraving is not available for this cremation urn.