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Ceramic & Raku Urns

Posted by on 10/4/2016 to Product News

Ceramic & Raku Urns

Do you have families looking for artistic urns? Do you have families looking for that signature piece -- a truly unique memorial to a loved one? Many families have been impressed with our line of ceramic urns for their beauty and durability. Ceramic cremation urns can be an artistic memorial to a loved one as families can select from various shapes or unique colored and metallic glaze combinations. These urns are hand thrown and hand glazed by an American potter.

Especially popular are our turquoise glazed urns fired using raku techniques which often create incredible metallic copper effects -- Like our Timeless Turquoise Raku Urn. No two urns are exactly alike -- which expresses the uniqueness of the person the family may be honoring.

Alternatively, families can also memorialize a loved one with our Ceramic Memorial Tealight Urns.

Some families may also appreciate the long history of ceramic cremation urns and feel comforted with how long they last. From ancient Mayan and Roman times to today, ceramic pottery vessels have been used as urns for ashes. Examples of ceramic cremation urns have been found in Greece and the Mediterranean region that date back to the 10th Century BCE.

For more information and to see all urns in the ceramic collection, visit our Ceramic & Raku section on our website.
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