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Compass Rose Cedar Urn
Compass Rose Cedar Urn


With its nautical style, the Compass Rose Cedar Urn can pay tribute to a boater or sailor. Handcrafted in the USA, this cremation urn is made from cedar wood. An artist-made tile -- with an embossed compass rose design -- is centered on the front of the urn.

The compass rose is a time-honored symbol used on nautical maps and charts and, for some people, a symbol for finding your life's direction. The Compass Rose Cedar Urn is a beautiful wooden urn with seaside spirit.

The compass rose tile is made by a ceramic artist -- the design is carved, a deep blue glaze is applied, and then the tile is fired in a kiln. You can touch the tile and feel the directional points and markings of the compass.

Cedar is a popular choice for wood cremation urns with its warm reddish color tones and renewability. The tile is made of fired clay.

The Compass Rose Cedar Urn is categorized as an extra large adult size cremation urn. The capacity is 275 cubic inches.

In terms of the final resting place, the Compass Rose Cedar Urn can be kept at home on a bookshelf, table or mantel. Alternatively it can be placed in a columbarium niche or buried in the ground according to the family's wishes. An urn vault may be required by the cemetery for ground burial (each cemetery has its own regulations).

The Compass Rose Cedar Urn can be personalized with direct engraving or an engraved plate. Three lines of text are available.

Extra Large Adult Urn 
8" L x 6.5" W x 9.5" H
275 Cubic Inches
2.7 Lbs. 
Wood - Cedar
Bottom/Base with Four Screws
Engraving Options 
Direct Engraving or Plate

Compass Rose Cedar Urn

A funeral urn for a sailor or boater, the Compass Rose Cedar Urn can be a touching tribute.
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