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Cove Cedar Urn
Cove Cedar Urn


The Cove Cedar Urn showcases the rustic and distinctive wood grain that is common to cedar -- reddish overall but can have streaks and stripes in lighter yellow tones. The Cove Cedar Urn has a cove detail around the top edge and is finished in medium gloss to bring out the beauty of the cedar. The base opens via screws for filling from the bottom.

The Cove Cedar Urn is a box urn that is sized for an adult. The capacity is 200 cubic inches. Made by an American company, you will appreciate the quality of this cedar urn. 

Options for personalizing this wood urn are direct engraving or plate engraving. By choosing direct engraving, the engravers will cut right into the wood and can engrave three lines of text (up to 23 characters per line) as well as artwork-- if desired. Engraving is done on the top or front of the urn and the artwork is placed to the left of the text.  Should you opt for an engraved plate, the plate is 1.5 inches high x 4 inches in length and is available in two finishes: brass finish and silver nickel finish. There is room for up to three lines of the words of your choice (23 characters or less per line).

The Black Temporary Cremation Container fits nicely inside this urn. Cremated remains can be placed inside the temporary container which is made of black plastic polymer and then placed inside the Cove Cedar Urn

Standard Adult Urn
9.75" L X 7.5" W X 5.25" D
200 Cubic Inches
Weight1.95 lbs.
Wood: Cedar
Bottom / Base Access
Engraving Options
Direct Engraving or  Plate

Cove Cedar Urn

The Cove Cedar Urn is crafted from cedar, a natural and aromatic wood.
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