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Amber Crystal Keepsake Urn
Amber Crystal Keepsake Urn


The Amber Crystal Keepsake Urn is a mini cremation urn that can bring comfort as you remember a loved one. This small urn has a warm finish with light gold tracings that may remind you of ice or crystals. The unique hue and design make this urn stand out from more traditional keepsake urns.

A small amount of cremated remains (about three tablespoons) can be contained within the Amber Crystal Keepsake Urn. This urn is made of aluminum, a metal that is strong yet lightweight.

Family members may select a keepsake urn as a small reminder on a table or shelf in the home. Some people use keepsake urns to transport a small amount of cremated remains to a scattering place or to share a loved one's cremated remains among several people.

The Amber Crystal Keepsake Urn has capacity of 3 cubic inches. It stands about three inches high and closes tightly with threading like a jar.

Keepsake Urn
2.75" H x 1.75" Diameter
3 Cubic Inches
0.2 Lbs.
Threaded Lid at Top
Engraving Options

Amber Crystal Keepsake Urn

When placed nearby on a table or shelf, the Amber Crystal Keepsake Urn can be a small reminder of a loved one.
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