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New Product: Introducing the Grenoble Urn Series

Posted by on 12/19/2017 to Product News
New Product: Introducing the Grenoble Urn Series

Introducing Grenoble Urns 

In response to families requesting an urn that represents movement, our designers have created the Grenoble Urn Series. We are proudly introducing this new series of cremation urns of durable brass in either a gray or pewter finish. 

The raised swirl pattern on the body of the urn, matched with the three band feature in black and gold, gives the Grenoble Urns their distinctive look. This textured cremation urn is elevated by an attached pedestal base -- an elegant design detail. The overall finish of pewter or rich gray offers a personal choice of two popular options. The Grenoble Brass Urn can pay tribute to a spouse, parent, or family member in a memorable, beautiful way. 

Our full collection of brass and metal urns of all finishes continue as a traditional choice with the added peace of mind that comes from its sturdy, durable construction. Suitable for display or burial, the Grenoble Brass Urn Series features a threaded lid for secure closure -- holding cremated remains safely inside. The adult size urn will accommodate 216 cubic inches. 

These luxurious adult-size urns will display exceptionally well in your product display area with as many as four matching keepsake urns, reminding families that a small portion of cremation remains may be shared with children, siblings and close friends of the deceased for comfort or used to transport small amounts of ashes for scattering in varying locations. 

Additionally, we encourage you to order a sample Urn Pendant for display purposes. 

These urns are now in stock and available in both sizes and finishes. Gen Lyon is available to personally assist you in selecting our most popular urns and other memorial products for display to your families.
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