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Lighthouse Panoramic Cremation Urn
Lighthouse Panoramic Cremation Urn


The Lighthouse Panoramic Cremation Urn showcases seaside images that combine for an inspiring, beautiful memorial. Scenes of lighthouses at sunset wrap all the way around the cremation urn -- including a lighthouse against a colorful sky, a lighthouse on a sandy shore, a lighthouse nestled in rocks, and a lighthouse with a shining beacon. Any way that you look at it, the scenes on this urn create a feeling of hope and strength.

In addition to its inspiring images, the Lighthouse Panoramic Cremation Urn is popular for its durability -- made of a combination of real crushed stone and resin. A signature feature is the urn's seamless construction. Families can be confident that this urn will last whether kept at home, put in a niche, or buried. Made in the USA.

Cremated remains are placed inside the urn using a round opening in the bottom -- which seals tightly with a threaded screw. This urn meets the requirements of most cemeteries for use in ground burial with no need for a separate urn vault.

The Lighthouse Panoramic Cremation Urn is an adult size urn with a capacity of 180 cubic inches.

Standard Adult Urn
9.375" L x 7.125" W x 6" H
180 Cubic Inches
11 lbs.
Cultured Marble
Threaded Screw on Base
Engraving Options

Lighthouse Panoramic Cremation Urn

The Lighthouse Panoramic Cremation Urn can honor a person who was inspiring or had a calming presence.
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