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Raw Country Wood Keepsake Urn
Raw Country Wood Keepsake Urns


A small wood urn, the Raw Country Wood Keepsake Urn has a rustic, natural style. This urn is made entirely of mango wood and has lots of texture from smooth curves to rough bark. The earthy look of the Raw Country Wood Cremation Urn makes it a great choice to honor someone who enjoyed nature or who would appreciate keeping it simple.

The lid of this wood urn is fitted and can be sealed with simple household adhesive if desired. Keepsake urns hold a small portion of ashes. Many people like them as a token remembrance to keep at home or as a way to transport ashes for scattering at a special place.

Keepsake Urn
3.75" D x 4.75" H
10.5 cubic inches 
.5 Lbs.
Top Opening

Raw Country Wood Keepsake Urn

A small urn with a rustic design, the Raw Country Wood Keepsake Urn is cylindrical wood urn for a small amount of ashes.
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