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Selling Funeral Services and Products To Women: 5 Tips

Posted by on 1/15/2018 to Business Inspiration & News
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Selling Funeral Services and Products To Women: 5 Tips
Women gather.
When making a major purchase or important decision they gather information- a lot of information. From furniture to funeral services, they require more information and time to consider choices than men before making a decision. Whether purchasing pre-planned funeral services or making arrangements for a deceased loved one, you will find that women require more time to gather information, consider her options and confirm the correctness of their decision. 

What are they thinking about? 
Everything, from every angle. Women think differently than men. They are NOT slow, they are thorough. They are not only considering features, benefits, and price. They are also weighing how well they are considering the feelings of all involved from the deceased to her extended family members, and others experiencing grief from their loss. 

What You Need to Know 

  1. Provide her with an overall understanding of the process ahead. Assure her of your ample availability and capable assistance in helping her to know what decisions need to be made. 
  1. Be patient. Because a woman considers many more factors than most men in decision making, it naturally takes more time. Some women think out loud, which may sound rambling; while others think in silence, which may seem they have zoned out. 
  1. Give her time to think. She may need to consult with others for more information. Make a telephone and private workspace available. 
  1. Do not assume that you are her only source of information. She respects information gathered from her circle of friends, family, and Facebook - correct or otherwise. It is a mistake to dismiss or demean her other sources of information or you risk insulting her and her personal source. 
  1. Although you want to be as helpful as possible, you will lose her trust by taking control of her decisions. Instead of telling her what she wants, ask her what she prefers. 
She Gathers and She Shares 
A woman is much more likely than a man to discuss her service experience with your funeral home - good or bad - with her circle of influence. Two-thirds of women will tell at least 10 people her opinion of your funeral home. Her experience will either bring you more or fewer future customers, treat her well.

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