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Strong Tree Tealight Urn
Strong Tree Tealight Urn


An emerald green finish is adorned with three gold leaves on the Strong Tree Tealight Urn. This tealight urn can serve as a nature-inspired tribute to a loved one. Tealight urns are min urns with a memorial candle function.

The Strong Tree Tealight Urn includes a glass votive candleholder and a small candle. The urn unscrews to reveal a hidden compartment which can contain about 1 cup of cremated remains. 

Many people find comfort in the ritual and practice of lighting a candle in memory, prayer, and reflection.

The Strong Tree Tealight Urn is a thoughtful gift to someone who has experienced a loss whether used as a mini urn for remembrance, a memorial candle, or both.

Tealight Urn
4.5" H x 4" Diameter (5.5" H w/glass votive)
14 Cubic Inches
2 lbs.
Threaded Lid
Engraving Options

Strong Tree Tealight Urn

With a hidden compartment for cremated remains, the Strong Tree Tealight Urn honors a loved one by shining brightly.
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