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Sunset Brass Keepsake Urn
Sunset Brass Keepsake Urn


Colors change from the base to the top of the Sunset Brass Keepsake Urn. The color at the base is a bronze brown, and it gradually blends to a shimmering orange at the top. Family members may be reminded of a sunset scene when they see this mini urn for cremated remains. They also may appreciate the sunset symbolism of the end of the day and a life well-lived. 

Keepsake urns can be used for a variety of purposes. Some people prefer an urn of this size in order to transport a small amount of cremated remains for scattering at a special location. Some family members may wish to keep back a portion of cremated remains in remembrance while the majority are scattered or buried. A keepsake urn can make for a small, meaningful display at home or as part of a memorial service.

The Sunset Brass Keepsake Urn is cast of brass. A threaded lid offers secure closure. 

You can personalize this urn with engraving. Two lines of text are available (12 characters or less per line). 

Keepsake Urn
3" H x 1.5" Diameter
3 Cubic Inches
0.2 lbs.
Threaded Lid
Engraving Options
Direct Engraving

Sunset Brass Keepsake Urn

A mini urn to hold cremated remains in remembrance, the Sunset Brass Keepsake Urn has a gradient effect from a bronze brown to orange.
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