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Coronet Gold Brass Urn
Coronet Gold Brass Urn with Engraving Sample


The Coronet Gold Brass Urn is a wonderfully detailed and elegant cremation urn for ashes. This brass urn is finished in lovely brushed gold and features hand-engraved bands on the base, body, and lid. The engraving shows an intricate pattern of leaves inside a traditional engraved band. The Coronet Gold Brass Urn is an appropriate choice for honoring a loved one.

The Coronet Gold Brass Urn can be personalized with direct engraving or an urn pendant. Our expert team can directly engrave the urn or a pendant to display a loved one's name, dates, or a short personal message. The urn pendant is then draped around the neck of the urn by a ribbon.

Adult Cremation Urn
10.25" High x 6.25" Diameter
190 Cubic Inches
4.95 Lbs.
Threaded Lid at Top
Engraving Options
Direct Engraving or Urn Pendant

Coronet Gold Brass Urn

Bands of engraved leaves adorn the base, body, and lid of the Coronet Gold Brass Urn.
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