Reflections Urns and Memorials Resale and Licensing Policy

Reflections Urns and Memorials (“Reflections”) has adopted this Resale Policy (“Resale Policy”) to advise you of the conditions applicable to your sale or offering for sale of products purchased from Reflections. This Resale Policy applies to all products that you purchase through Reflections, whether through its website or through phone orders. If you do not agree to this Resale Policy, you are expressly prohibited from purchasing products from Reflections.

Reflections authorizes funeral homes, cemeteries, and cremation providers with brick-and-mortar presences (“Authorized Resellers”), to resell products purchased from Reflections to end consumers . All others are prohibited from purchasing or reselling products from Reflections. Authorized Resellers may resell products purchased from Reflections to customers of their brick-and-mortar businesses and Authorized Resellers must use their best efforts to ensure that only customers of their brick-and-mortar businesses purchase products that were sold by Reflections to them. Authorized Resellers are expressly prohibited from the following:

  • Selling products online, including, but not limited to, through,,,,, or, or other, third-party stores, auction houses, or marketplaces;
  • Selling products to customers of Reflections, its parents, subsidiaries, or affiliates; or
  • Selling or distributing products to any other businesses, including, but not limited to, in a business-to-business transaction, to a drop-shipper, or to another reseller.

Authorized Resellers are also prohibited from advertising, promoting, marketing, or offering for sale any products sold to them by Reflections for resale to any third-party other than their brick-and-mortar customers. Any use of product images and promotional material must comply with our licensing policy, available upon request.

If an Authorized Reseller violates this Resale Policy, Reflections reserves the right to seek removal of any unauthorized products from online stores or marketplaces or to terminate your account with Reflections. Reflections reserves the right to modify this policy at any time and within its sole and absolute discretion. Your continued purchase of any products from Reflections after a modification of this policy constitutes your manifestation of assent to such change or modification. This Resale Policy is subject to Reflections terms of service, which are available at the following link and may be updated by Reflections from time to time: