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3 Steps to Green Up Your Funeral Home this Spring

As trees and flowers bud out, spring is the perfect time for your funeral home to 'go green.' Green business practices can draw eco-minded clients, save you money, and help protect and preserve the environment. What's not to like?
Go green with three simple steps:

Make your funeral home more energy efficient

Did you know that the average building wastes up to a third of its energy use? You may be surprised at the costs of drafty windows, poor insulation, old HVAC systems, or even an outdated fridge in your funeral home.

*Action item: Get an energy efficiency assessment from your local electric supplier. Go even further by checking out Energy Star or how to become a certified Green Business.

Green up your office procedures

'Reduce, reuse, and recycle' is an easy place to start. Do you have collection bins for paper and cardboard in the office areas? Are there paper-based systems you use that could be done digitally or with online tools?

*Action item: Call or visit the website for your waste management service and find out what you can recycle. 

Offer green options to families

Increasingly, families are looking for more sustainable, earth friendly options for burial. You can help them by offering a selection of urns like the BIOS urn, Journey Urn, or Himalayan Salt Biodegradable Urn.

*Action item: Include some sample biodegradable urns in your showroom.

If your funeral home does follow green practices, don't be shy about mentioning your environmental efforts and values when talking about your business in print, website, and in person.
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