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Bluebell Forest Scattering Tube
Bluebell Forest Scattering Tube for Ashes


The Bluebell Forest Scattering Tube aids friends and family who plan to scatter the cremated remains of a loved one. The Bluebell Forest Scattering Tube features bluebells against a backdrop of the trees of the forest. Bluebells are often seen as a friendly and welcoming flower that represents spring after a cold winter. This design can be a lovely choice for a woman or person with a kind personality.

Made of paper, this scattering urn is quite sturdy to contain and then carry the contents to a meaningful scattering site. When ready to spread, you slide off the lid, push a perforated tab, and then shake the cremated remains gently from the tube. The tube may be recycled after use.

Adult Cremation Urn
12.5"H x 5" in Diameter
200 Cubic Inches
.7 lbs.
Urn Slides Open/Closed

Bluebell Forest Scattering Tube

Beautiful bluebells adorn the recyclable and eco-friendly Bluebell Forest Scattering Tube.
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