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Don't end the year with an Energy Crisis

Posted by on 12/18/2017 to Business Inspiration & News
Don't end the year with an Energy Crisis

Don't end the year with an Energy Crisis

We understand that as funeral directors and staff, the demands of your profession and the sacrifice that you make in skipped meals and lost sleep. If you find yourself reaching for caffeine or sweets in the afternoon, let's change your mindset about where to get that lift. 

Halfway into another 14 hour day? Resist the fast food drive-thru by preparing ahead. Stock up on healthy energy snacks when you feel that urge for a mid-afternoon nap coming on. Keep these super energy boosting snacks handy for fueling your busy day. You can't eat it if you can't reach it. Make a list and head to the grocery store. 

Fresh berries, dried fruits & nuts 

Good fats, protein and enough sweetness to keep you away from the candy jar. Think dried blueberries, cranberries, apricots, and cherries along with walnuts and almonds. A burst of long-lasting energy without the sugar crash. 


Keep peeled hardboiled eggs in the fridge, both at home and work, as a grab and go boost. Yes, health professionals have lifted the ban on eggs. Rich in protein, Vitamins A, and B-12, the egg may just be the perfect food when eaten without the salt and butter of prepared egg dishes. 

Sometimes, you aren't actually tired, you are dehydrated. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! 

Peanut butter and hummus 
Both peanut butter and hummus are super packed with protein. These are great choices for adding a punch of protein to whole grain crackers, carrot & celery sticks or slices of fresh fruit. 

Yogurt Stock the fridge with single servings of protein-rich plain yogurt and add a small amount of granola, fresh or dried fruit, even nuts to create a quick and delicious energy lifter. 

Good eating!
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