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4 Trends to Watch in Cremation Urns

4 Trends to Watch in Cremation Urns
As an increasing number of families choose cremation over traditional burial, the choices in cremation urns have been expanding to keep up with what families might want. What is trending with cremation urns? 

1. Full color spectrum
While pewter is still holding steady as the most popular traditional finish for cremation urns, we are seeing families who are so pleased to find red urns, hot pink urns, and bright blue urns for their loved ones. Camo and other patterned urns also are trending. Americans - especially the up and coming baby boomers - love having lots of options and choices.

Keepsake Urns2. What is that mini urn over there?
While most people have no idea initially what a keepsake urn is, keepsakes have instant appeal when spotted in today's funeral home showrooms. These mini size urns can serve many purposes - as a comforting token, as a way to share among several people, and as a way to transport cremated remains for scattering. (For funeral directors, keepsakes can be useful as samples of full size urns too.)

3. Hearts, teardrops, and busts
Cremation urns are moving beyond the box and vase. The teardrop urn came onto the market over a decade ago and was instantly popular for families looking for something different. In the last year, we've also seen companies offer a full size heart-shaped urn and an urn that is a custom 3D printed bust of your loved one. You can expect more shapes to come!

4. It's all about personalization
Personalization really isn't seen as an "option" as much as it is a "must-have". While families vary widely on how much formality or
add-ons they prefer, they share the desire to remember a loved one as an individual person. Whether a name is lasered on the back of a plain wood urn or engraved in a medallion around an elegant glass urn, a person's legacy displayed on the urn chosen for his/her remains has become a necessity.

Reflections Urns & Memorials is committed to keeping up with trends in memorial products and offering "urns that families will cherish." We exclusively sell cremation urns, which allows us to focus on finding the most unique, beautiful, and quality urns that are proven to be popular with America's families. 

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