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The Grace Collection

Posted by on 4/11/2017 to Product News

The Grace Collection

An elegant choice for someone who enjoyed flowers or loved to garden, the Grace collection is a perfect choice for a family. Not only is this collection in lilac and white, a family can also choose from a full-sized urn, a keepsake or a tealight urn to honor their loved one.

Families often select the Grace Collection for its overall artistry -- the Lilac series has a gorgeous purple finish enameled over brass and the hand-tooled flowers and leaves on body and lid of the urn.

The Grace White series has a pearly white finish offset with a hand-tooled silver flower design. This cremation urn stands out for its graceful design and a beautiful combination of white and silver. Families who have chosen this urn often talk about how it conveys purity, innocence, goodness -- even the idea of heaven.

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