Flower Petals for Memorial Scattering - Pink

The Flower Petals for Memorial Scattering - Pink from the vibrant bougainvillea flower can add a pretty element to a scattering ceremony.

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The Flower Petals for Memorial Scattering - Pink are dried flower petals from the bright pink bougainvillea flower and can add a beautiful touch to memorial services.

The Flower Petals for Memorial Scattering - Pink have many possible uses in scattering ceremonies, water burials, or ground burials. Many families scatter the petals on the water after placing a water burial urn in the water. The petals float -- adding color and drama to the ceremony. The petals also allow more family members to participate in the scattering event.
Another option is to mix the petals with cremated remains prior to scattering -- especially when families are using a scattering urn or tube.
Another popular use for the petals is to scatter them over the ground where a casket or an urn has been buried.

Family members or friends can take a pinch of the flower petals and participate by scattering them -- perhaps even sharing a memory of the person at that time. The light fragrance of the petals is a pleasant feature. Scattering of the petals can be a nice role for children related to the loved one -- rather than having them handle the cremated remains.

The Flower Petals for Memorial Scattering - Pink are all natural and sun dried. Each package contains approximately a cup and a half of petals, which tends to be about 6 to 8 pinches of petals to scatter.
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