Meridian Ceramic Tealight Urn - Seabreeze

Light a candle in his or her memory with the Meridian Ceramic Tealight Urn - Seabreeze.

  • SKU
  • Capacity
    16 Cubic Inches (1 Cup)
  • Dimensions
    4" High x 4" Diameter
  • Engraving Options
  • Material
    Fired Clay
  • Size
    Tealight Urn
  • Weight
    .8 Lbs.
  • Opening
    Top Lid (Not Threaded)
The Meridian Ceramic Tealight Urn - Seabreeze is a small remembrance urn made by a ceramic artist to include a candle feature. The candle can be lit in memory of a loved one. Lighting a candle has been a comforting ritual for centuries. This candleholder urn is especially popular for its Seabreeze glaze.
The Meridian Ceramic Tealight Urn - Seabreeze has a capacity of about one cup -- cremated remains are placed in the base. A standard tealight candle fits within the recessed area in the lid. One candle is provided with each urn. The lid can be adhered permanently to the base if desired using a glue like e6000.
This tealight urn is made from clay, shaped on a potter's wheel, glazed, and then fired to achieve the durability and look. The Seabreeze glaze has soft shades of greenish blue that are lighter or darker depending on how it envelopes the gentle ridges of the piece. Made in USA.
As a handcrafted piece, the urn you receive can vary in shape, dimensions (by less than a half inch), and glaze effects from the image shown.
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Engraving is not available for this cremation urn.