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Purple Marble Urn
Purple Marble Urn


The Purple Marble Urn is notable for its gorgeous purple color and its timeless durability. Many families are drawn to this beautiful purple urn to memorialize a loved one. Families may connect with the symbolism of the color purple which is associated with creativity, mystery, magic, and wisdom.

The Purple Marble Urn is made of genuine marble. The urn is colorized in a custom process to create the intense purple shade -- which will not fade over time. Whether displayed at a memorial service, in your home, or in a niche, the Purple Marble Urn is a strong tribute to a loved one.

This marble urn is an adult size urn with a capacity of 174 cubic inches. The lid sits on the top and can be permanently sealed with adhesive if desired.

Families can personalize the Purple Marble Urn by adding an urn pendant. Urn pendants are oval in shape and can be draped around the urn. Pendants are made of brass and are available in four different metal finishes. Three lines of text (23 characters or less per line) can be engraved into the face of the pendant and may include details such as a loved one's name, birth and death dates, or a short message.

Adult Size
 10.5" H x 8.5" D 
 174 Cubic Inches
 15.5 lbs.
Genuine Marble
Lid Opens at the Top
Engraving Options
Urn Pendant

Purple Marble Urn

The vibrant color makes the Purple Marble Urn stand out as a beautiful, memorable funeral urn.
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