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The Scary Stuff Lurking in Funeral Home Closets

The scary stuff lurking in funeral home closets

Yes, you’ve got those unpopular items just like all the other funeral homes. We are talking about out-of-style urns, dusty or damaged memorial products, and “unique ideas” about something you were sure would be popular with your families. These unsellable products are clogging up your storage spaces and showrooms and probably detracting from the products your families prefer.

What to do?

You have to face your scary stuff – and the money it represents – and give it a proper farewell. Here’s how:

  1. Recycle. Urns made of metal often can be recycled. If you have case quantities, you may even get a small amount of money for it. Cremation jewelry can be turned in to jewelers for the value of the silver or gold.

  2. Donate. Many funeral homes already help impoverished persons by providing low-cost urns (thank you!). If you have an urn with a small blemish or a less popular style, you may be able to donate it to someone who might otherwise not be able to afford any memorial.

  3. Discard. Sometimes you just have to put it in the trash. If you haven’t sold a single unit in 1-2 years, you need to throw away those overbuys, accidents, and oddities.

On the up side, from a tax perspective, you can expense the scary stuff right now – and finally move on. Like any de-cluttering project, you’ll feel “cleaner” and more in control. Your funeral home will be ready to serve your families with only the best urns and memorials.
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