About Us

About Reflections Urns & Memorials

Reflections Urns & Memorials is a wholesale supplier of cremation urns, cremation jewelry, and other memorial items to funeral homes and cremation providers in the United States.

We are gratified that the many funeral home professionals we work with now find that helping families find the right cremation urn or memorial product is one of the easier aspects of their jobs. They rely on our selection of beautiful urns and our commitment to quality products. As a supplier, we demand no buying requirements, no required pricing, or any other condition that might lock a funeral home or business into buying or storing products it does not need or charging prices that do not fit their market.

We invite our funeral home clients to lean on our expert engraving services and take advantage of our low cost shipping options and free catalogs. Reflections Urns & Memorials is the partner you've been looking for as you serve cremation families.

Your Dedicated Sales Representative
Genevieve (Gen) Lyon is an expert on hundreds of quality urns and memorial products as well as ways to make them personal. She talks with funeral directors across the country every day -- getting them the right product in the time frame they need. Gen has spent many years in sales and marketing and has a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Michigan. She enjoys spending time with her husband and three kids. She has been to all 50 US states and looks forward to her next travel adventure!