Azure Blue Cloisonne Keepsake Urn

In shades of blue, the Azure Blue Cloisonne Keepsake Urn has a floral design with copper gilding.

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  • Capacity
    7 Cubic Inches
  • Dimensions
    3" High x 2.5" Diameter
  • Engraving Options
  • Material
  • Size
    Keepsake Size Urn
  • Weight
    0.25 Lbs.
  • Opening
    Top Lid (Not Threaded)
The Azure Blue Cloisonne Keepsake Urn is a small urn adorned with a pretty blue floral design. This keepsake urn is made using cloisonne, an ancient art form invented by the French and perfected by the Chinese. Cloisonne is crafted by hand from metals and color enamel, fired in a kiln, and gilded. Families can be proud to honor a loved one with such a beautifully-crafted memorial.
The lid on this keepsake urn is not threaded. In order to seal it permanently, you may use a strong adhesive such as E6000.
Keepsake urns are popular as a way to share a loved one's cremated remains among several people. A keepsake urn also can be helpful if a family member wants to keep a small portion of cremated remains after the majority have been scattered, buried, or placed in a columbarium. Some people choose to scatter or keep a small amount in a different place than where the primary urn is displayed.
This is a small size cremation urn that has a capacity of 7 cubic inches (approximately 1/2 cup).
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Engraving is not available for this cremation urn.