Top Five Engravable Messages on Urns

Top Five Engravable Messages on Urns

Jul 03, 2022

Top Engraveable Phrases for Cremation Urns

Many families are unsure what to engrave on a cremation urn or headstone and turn to funeral directors for help. Finding the right words to sum up one's feelings toward a loved one isn’t easy. Some family members are at a loss for words while others are ready to go with funny phrases. Personalizing a cremation urn with a name, dates, and artwork can be very comforting to a family. Some families engrave the loved one's favorite catchphrases to remind them of the laughter they all once shared. 

For inspiration, the Reflections engraving staff thought we would share the top five most common phrases engraved on cremation urns.

The Top 5 Traditional Engraved Phrases:
  1. Forever in our Hearts / Always in our Hearts
  2. Forever Loved / Always Loved
  3. Rest in Peace
  4. Beloved (Mother, Father, Brother, etc.)
  5. In (Loving) Memory of

And just because we all need a laugh from time to time, our staff also wanted to share the top five funniest phrases that we have engraved on urns. What better way to make an exit, than to leave everyone laughing

The Top 5 Funniest Engraved Phrases:
  1. Zero% Body Fat, Baby!
  2. I Finally Found My Niche
  3. Just Breathe
  4. Miserable, thank you
  5. Beam me up, Scotty

At Reflections Urns, when we receive an order with engraving options, we make sure everything is exactly what the family envisions. If it seems like a name has been inadvertently misspelled, we take the time to visit the funeral home’s website or call the funeral home directly to double check that the spelling is correct. 

Why does our website/catalog have two sets of artwork to choose from? 

We have different types of engraving machines with art unique to each machine. Our Rotary Engraving Artwork is used for our brass and metal urns, while our Laser Engraving Artwork is suitable for our Wood and Cultured Marble Urns

. The artwork for each machine has been carefully selected for the best readability and customer satisfaction.