Briton Cherry Cremation Urn

Made in the USA, the Briton Cherry Cremation Urn is handcrafted from solid cherry wood.

  • SKU
  • Capacity
    190 Cubic Inches
  • Dimensions
    7" L x 7" W x 8.25" H
  • Engraving Options
    Direct Engraving
  • Material
    Wood - Cherry
  • Size
    Adult Size Urn
  • Weight
    3 Lbs.
  • Opening
    Panel on Bottom with Screws
The Briton Cherry Cremation Urn shows outstanding wood craftsmanship and has the gorgeous woodgrain unique to solid cherry wood. This cherry urn can be a beautiful tribute to a loved one whether you keep it at home, place in a niche, or bury it. Cherry wood has warm, reddish tones and is a durable choice.

At 190 cubic inches, the Briton Cherry Wood Urn is sized for an adult (holds the ashes of a person who weighed approximately 190 lbs. or less prior to cremation). The urn compartment is accessed easily from the removable base on the bottom of the urn.

The Briton Cherry Cremation Urn is made in the USA by a woodworking company that has been making these urns with pride for over 20 years. You will see the loving craftsmanship in this cherry urn. Wood is a natural choice and a renewable resource.

  • Same Day Engraving
  • Make it Personal

This urn can be directly engraved on the front with text and artwork if desired. Four lines of engraving are available. You can include name, birth and death dates, or text of your choice.