Mountain View Scattering Tube - Mini

Holding just a portion of cremated remains, the Mountain View Scattering Tube - Mini can allow families to scatter the contents at a meaningful place.

  • SKU
  • Capacity
    20 Cubic Inches
  • Dimensions
    5.25" High x 3" Diameter
  • Engraving Options
  • Material
    Cardboard & Paper
  • Size
    Extra Small Urn
  • Weight
    .2 Lbs.
  • Opening
    Tube Slides Open
The Mountain View Scattering Tube - Mini assists families with scattering some cremated remains of a loved one in a respectful, simple manner. The design on the scattering tube features a mountain scene in bright colors.
This small scattering urn may be carried to the scattering site without attracting attention. When the contents are ready to be scattered, the lid slides off, a perforated tab is pushed, and then the cremated remains are shaken out gently. If desired, the tube can be recycled after it has been emptied.
The capacity of this mini size urn is 20 cubic inches—it will hold less than 1.5 cups. It is meant for just a portion of the cremated remains.

The Mountain View Scattering Tube - Mini is made of paper and cardboard.
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Engraving is not available for this cremation urn.