Tree of Life Wooden Urn with Handmade Tile

The Tree of Life Wooden Urn with Handmade Tile combines the craftsmanship of ceramic and woodworking artists.

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  • SKU
  • Capacity
    202 Cubic Inches
  • Dimensions
    8.125" L x 6.5" W x 10.5" H
  • Engraving Options
    Direct Engraving or Name Plate
  • Material
  • Size
    Adult Size Urn
  • Weight
    5.8125 Lbs.
  • Opening
    Bottom/Base with Screws
The Tree of Life Wooden Urn with Handmade Tile is made from solid walnut wood with a tile accent. Featured on the front of the urn is a ceramic tile with an embossed design of the tree of life. Many people view the tree of life as a comforting symbol -- seeing it as a symbol of family connection, the one-ness of all things, and the cycle of life among many other meanings.
The Tree of Life tile was designed and handmade by an American pottery artist -- glazed in a turquoise blue glaze and fired in a kiln. Family members can touch and feel the branches and roots on the tile. The Tree of Life Wooden Urn with Handmade Tile can be a powerful memorial to a loved one.
Walnut wood is a time-honored choice for wood cremation urns. Walnut has a rich color, shows a strong grain, and is a renewable resource.
The Tree of Life Wooden Urn is categorized as an adult size cremation urn. The capacity is 202 cubic inches. The urn compartment is accessed from the bottom.
The Tree of Life Wooden Urn with Handmade Tile can be displayed at home, placed in a columbarium niche, or buried in the ground if preferred. An urn vault may be required by the cemetery for ground burial.
  • Same Day Engraving
  • Make it Personal

This cremation urn can be personalized with direct engraving or an engraved name plate. Three lines of text can be engraved on the top of the urn or on a name plate to be affixed to the urn by the family.