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Are you 'Winning' with Quantity Discounts?

Are you 'Winning' with Quantity Discounts?

Are you 'winning' with quantity discounts?

Let's start with some straight talk: Quantity discounts are a gamble. While you may have no difficulty judging a deal like 'buy one, get one free,' what about a deal like '10% off when you buy three items?'  It is tough to resist the pull of a lower price -- and the imagined money in your pocket. But we can tell you from visiting funeral homes nationwide that many of you have a few shelves of unsold urns. These items were purchased with the 'certainty' that if one family orders a special urn, surely other families will follow suit.
Top four questions to ask when evaluating a quantity discount:

  1. Does our funeral home already have a track record of successful sales of this item?

  2. If we are unable to sell these items in a timely way, will they deteriorate and become unsellable due to tarnishing, moisture damage, or shelf wear?

  3. Given that inventory represents money on the shelf and not in your funeral home's bank account, is your cash flow adequate to leave that money tied up?

  4. Is there an advantage to having "extras" of that item on hand?

At Reflections Urns & Memorials, we offer quantity discounts on a short list of items where we feel it makes good business sense:   

On basic urn vaults in gray and white, we offer a discount when you order 3 or more. Many funeral homes have more than 3 urn burials per month (and certainly within a year), so this is an easy call. Vaults are designed to hold up over time, so there are no shelf life issues.   
The quantity discount on keepsakes is surely the most popular with our clients. Most brass keepsake urns drop from a price of $12 each to $9.96 each when 3 are purchased. Some styles like the Three Bands Pewter Keepsake Urn drop to a price of $9 when six or more are ordered. Once families see a keepsake, it often prompts requests for more to give to other family members. Having those extras already on hand can make that an easy request to fill.
 Arrowstar niche urns also have a 10% discount when you order four or more. These versatile urns go beyond niche uses -- for example, they work well singly or together for ground burial in vaults.   
Speaking of discounts, if your funeral home is new to Reflections and has not yet used your 25% off an order of your choice, don't miss out on that deal! 

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