Website Guide: Reset Your Password

Website Guide: Reset Your Password

Nov 18, 2022

If you're a funeral home or cremation business that has an approved account AND it's your first time logging in to our new website, you'll need to reset your password.


If you forgot your password, resetting your password is how you can access your account.

*We've increased security with our new website. Your Account Manager can no longer set a password for you.

4 Easy Steps to Manually Reset Your Password

Step 1. Click the new Sign In at the top right of our new website.

Step 2. Click Forgot Your Password?

Step 3. Enter your email address and click Reset Password

Step 4. Check your email and follow the link to Reset Your Password

More Helpful Resources 

Once you've signed in, there are several ways to use your Reflections Urns and Memorials account. We've compiled several helpful resources. Take time to look through these or reach out to our customer support with any questions at or (888) 276-1297. 

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