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Make Your Funeral Home Warm & Inviting

Posted by on 10/4/2016
Designed to Delight
Guest Post by:

MaryAnne Scheuble, Hekman Sales Director with Cressy Memorial Group

As the youngest of a large extended family and growing up with great aunts and uncles around, I visited many funeral homes over the years. I was mezmerized by their decor. The stately furnishings which included Queen Anne and Chippendale furniture, velvet sofas, deep-colored wool carpets and silk drapery alerted our young cousin group to be on our best behavior. To me, a funeral home was a place of style and elegance -- a place that commanded reverence and respect.

These days, I still find delight in the variety of funeral home décor. I appreciate the traditional styles -- rich and formal, but also the more modern styles with lighter colors and transitional furniture.

Of course, not every funeral home takes my breath away. Some are quite depressing. So, what makes a place delightful or depressing?

To me, there are four key elements to making sure your facility is delightful and not depressing.

  • Lighting - Dim, shadowy interiors should be found in mystery stories -- not funeral homes.

  • Updated Furniture – Hand-me-downs or re-purposed items suggest 'old ways.' Is that the image you want to project?

  • Coordinating Décor – Make sure colors and decor style are maintained throughout for a finished look.

  • Cleanliness & Repair – Faded drapery, scratched baseboards, dull front door paint and potholes are better suited to your competitor’s facility.

To be a little more specific, here are some items to inspect throughout your location:

Décor is one of the many ways you speak to families without saying anything. Make sure the message they are receiving is a positive one. Delight your guests with the way your location looks and feels so they will find it most comfortable to return.

MaryAnne Scheuble, graduate of Wheeling Jesuit University, is the Hekman furniture specialist to the memorial industry. Her design experience began as an Interior Decorator with Ethan Allen in Pittsburgh, PA. After a move to the education field, which lasted a few years, she began her career with Cressy Memorial Group. For almost 10 years she has been working with funeral and cemetery business owners, managers and marketing directors as well as interior decorators. Her credits include presenter at ICCFA, two-time speaker at OFDA, author of articles for The Independent and columnist for Funeral Home & Cemetery News (Nomis Publications). A mother of two sons, her move to Mishawaka, IN has proved to be a joyful life transition.

Cressy Memorial Group operates as a manufacturers’ representative agency and functions as the sales force for its manufacturers. Currently Cressy Memorial works as the exclusive memorial sales and marketing arm for Howard Miller Memorial, Hekman Furniture, Natural Legacy USA, Crowne Vault, Crowne Urns by Cornell, and R&S Design Gallery.

**If you would like to be considered for a guest blog post, please contact Gen Lyon at [email protected] or call us at (888)276-1297. We are always happy to hear stories from your point of view. 
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