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Making it Personal with Engraving

Making it Personal with Engraving

This past September, we shared an article about "Top Engraveable Messages" for cremation urns. We also recently shared a post regarding "3 Things to Talk to About When Helping Families." When funeral directors consider both issues, the outcome can be powerful memorials to a loved one. This month, we'd like to dig a little deeper on personalizations and formats.

Our experienced engraving staff take time with each product they personalize. While engraving many memorial products a day, they have become quite familiar with commonly-used phrases, but most importantly, they know what formats and fonts look best. 

First of all, a quick tip regarding the engraving options on our website: Don't forget to select "Please Engrave" on each product ordered prior to completing the message fields (such as the person's name).

Common Engraved Inscriptions

Top Traditional Phrases:

  1. Forever in our Hearts / Always in our Hearts

  2. Forever Loved / Always Loved

  3. Rest in Peace

  4. Beloved (Mother, Father, Brother, etc.)

  5. In (Loving) Memory of

Top Non-Traditional Phrases:

  1. In God's Care

  2. Rest in Heaven

  3. Best Mom / Dad Ever

  4. My Dad / Mom, My Hero

  5. {A Biblical Verse of one's choosing}

Common Date Formats

Dates can be written in many different formats from the traditional mm/dd/yyyy format to spelling out the months in full such as October 24, 2016. Before a family decides how they would like the urn engraved, have them consider the size or engraveable space available on the urn. While urns such as our Cultured Marble Urns or Wood Urns have a large area to engrave the full month, smaller-sized cremation urns like a keepsake urn would look best with just the years (i.e. yyyy - yyyy) -- otherwise it becomes too small to read.

Recommendations for Date Formats

1/11/1947 - 10/23/2016

1/11/47 - 10/23/16

September 21, 1921 - February 3, 2008

1921 - 2008


At Reflections Urns & Memorials, we offer five different styles of fonts. Most families opt for Times Roman, but Clarendon is another popular choice. Some fonts have better results on some urns than others -- for instance, our engraving staff favors Times Roman on cultured marble urns, while they prefer Clarendon on metal and brass urns. Showcasing a small range of font options for families will help them make a quick, easy selection.



Take advantage of adding artwork at no additional engraving charge to showcase a loved one's interests or hobbies.

Why does our website have two sets of artwork to choose from?


We have different types of engraving machines to engrave the different materials from which urns are made. Our Rotary Engraving Artwork is used for our brass and metal urns, while our Laser Engraving Artwork is suitable for our wood urns and cultured marble urns. The artwork for each machine has been carefully selected for the best results -- be sure you are sharing the correct artwork options with the family. 

Here are a few of our urns with samples of engraved artwork:


At Reflections Urns & Memorials, our professional engraving staff take pride in their work. When we receive an order with engraving options, we make sure everything is exactly what the family envisions. If it seems like a name has been inadvertently misspelled or a font choice doesn't quite look right with the chosen phrase or name, we take the time to call the individual who placed the order to double check or approve the engraving selections. 

With engraving available for a flat rate of $15, the personalization of an urn is worth the investment and will provide a meaningful memorial to a family.

For more information on our engraving and cremation urns, visit our website.

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