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Small Items for those Facing Loss at the Holidays

Small memorial items may help families facing a loss at the holidays. Two memorial products especially suitable for holiday remembrances are memorial ornaments and candle / tealight urns. 

Memorial ornaments are engraved with a name for free

Memorial ornaments allow families to incorporate remembering a loved one into their holiday celebrations. Our crystal memorial ornaments are available in a bell, holly berry, or traditions designs and include free engraving of the loved one's name. Memorial ornaments have many options of where to display them from Christmas trees to wreaths to ornament stands where they may glisten in front of a seasonal candle. 

Families may wish to engrave several ornaments to pass along to other family members as gifts to be hung on their trees in honor of Grandma, for example. We have even had funeral homes give a memorial ornament to each family with a loss during December as a special gesture.

Tealight urns invite quiet reflection

The lighting of candles is part of most holiday traditions in the U.S. including Christmas and Hanukkah. A light flickering in the darkness can symbolize hope and resurrection for some faiths. With a tealight urn, a candle feature is combined with a compartment for a small amount of cremated remains. At the holidays, families can light the small memorial candle that rests atop of the urn as a gesture of remembrance -- perhaps along with other candles they are lighting at this holiday time. Of course, the tealight urn can be kept and lit at any time of the year to honor and reflect on the life and legacy of the person.

Here are a few selected tealight urns:


Memorial ornaments and tealight urns come to mind as most comforting to those experiencing a loss at the holidays. However,  keepsake urns and cremation jewelry also are small items to consider sharing with families as they find ways to memorialize the person they loved.

*For more information on these products or ideas on how to display them in your showroom, contact Genevieve at (888) 276-1297.
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