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Team Retreats that Funeral Homes Can Do

Team Retreats that Funeral Homes Can Do
Team Retreats: Four Ways Your Funeral Home Can Do It

Funeral homes know that effective teamwork is at the core of their business. Other companies hold team retreats -- from brainstorming sessions to boat outings -- to energize and build up their teams. But for many funeral homes, scheduling such an event seems unachievable: "We are too busy," "Who would answer the phones?" and "We can never get everyone together."

Here are a few solutions to making a team retreat a reality:

1. Just Do It
Invite all staff and just accept that some staff will not attend as they are helping families. With this approach, you are happy to have some staff participating -- which is better than none.

Tip: Consider scheduling the "team time" mid-morning to mid-afternoon so that staff can handle urgent matters when they come in and then follow up when back at the office.

2. Swap In/Out
If the team retreat is scheduled for four hours, for example, assign one staff member to stay behind for the first two hours and then swap with another person to provide coverage.

3. Break It Up
Break your desired agenda into chunks over 1-2 weeks. Have a kick-off event, some focused sessions, a social activity or two, and then a time to wrap up / reflect at the end of your "team week."

4. Go for Bite Size
Incorporate mini team activities into every month. These activities could be mixed up from icebreaker games to focused single-topic sessions to a staff-wide cupcake war.
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