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Helping Families Plan Powerful Memorials by Sharing Their Heritage

Posted by on 7/24/2017 to Funeral Ideas
Helping Families Plan Powerful Memorials by Sharing Their Heritage

Are you helping families plan powerful memorials by sharing their heritage and traditions?

A person's family heritage -- such as Irish or Korean -- is often an important part of his or her identity. As you help families plan memorial services or select memorial products for a loved one, you can play an important role in adding powerful meaning to funeral rituals by referencing that heritage.

Ask about the decedent's family heritage

A starting point is to ask a few questions in your initial meeting with families such as:
1. Does your loved one have any ethnic or cultural background that you think he or she would want incorporated in memorial plans?

2. Are there any places or personal possessions that were especially meaningful to your loved one? This question might give clues to family heritage without asking directly.

If the family shares information about the person's heritage, you can follow up with suggestions on ways that his or her traditions, values, and even mementos may be included in memorial planning. This type of 'personal touch' can make your funeral home stand out for its amazing customer service. 

Nine ways that family heritage can be shared

  • Musical selections at a service
  • Readings
  • Cremation urns in certain colors or themes
  • Cremation jewelry with symbolism
  • Funeral stationery
  • Type or colors of flowers
  • Choice of charities
  • Food at the reception
  • Personal cultural items on display

Celtic heritage honored

As an example, a memorable memorial for someone of Irish/Celtic heritage could include celtic music, a reading from a King Arthur story, the selection of a Celtic Cross Raku Urn or Celtic Band Brass Urn, celtic heart cremation jewelry pendants given to close family members, and end with a traditional Irish blessing when the urn is interred or when the service ends.  


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